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Our team has hand selected a collection of T-Shirts, Polos, Hoodies, Hats, Bags, and accessories to provide you with unique apparel items your wardrobe demands. If you’re looking for a comfortable polo for the golf course or cigar night with the crew, to a hip hoodie for the weekend hangout, we’ve got you covered.

New!!! Ladies Polos have been added to the Apparel store!

Ladies: We added three (3) ladies polo selections to the store. Each woman’s selection is uniquely designed for on or off the golf course. We hope you like the styles we’ve chosen. We will continue to update and provide more options for the ladies as they become available.

Men: Two (2) additional polo selections were made for the guys. A long-sleeved Polo option just in time for the fall season, and a four button Polo that’s a must have.  All polos pair extremely well with our vest, located in the store under “Jackets and Hoodies”. Be sure to place your order while supplies last.


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Cigar Jar Humidors

TTA Apparel couldn’t wait to bring this product to those who love the Tap That Ash brand. These humidors are individually hand crafted and sure to satisfy any cigar enthusiast. We recently partnered with Cigar Jar Humidors, LLC to bring you this very special product line.

Cigar “HumiJars” are a unique and classy addition to any space. Each HumiJar is individually hand crafted and comes fully lined with Spanish Cedar, a hygrometer, and a *Boveda pack for humidity control. Cigar HumiJars come in four (4) sizes and are an excellent compliment to your big box humidor in your den, patio, or bar area. Each Cigar Jar ships in a felt drawstring bag.

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Gordo w/Infusion
el Jefe


el Jefe w/Infusion

Note: Infusion models allow you to enhance the flavor of your cigars by adding your favorite libation.  A basket, divider, and drain are provided for your convenience.

*Boveda pack not included with Infusion models.

Cigar Jar Humidors, LLC fulfills all cigar jar humidor orders for Tap That Ash. Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery. See Contact Us page if you have any questions.

Recent Reviews

Cigar Jar Infusion Humidor el Jefe

Daniel D  

The el Jefe with infusion kit was the perfect size to accommodate various sizes of cigars and the infusion process allowed for the libation to come through full bodied during a smoke. I definitely recommend this Humijar.

el Jefe
District Made Mens Perfect Weight Long Sleeve Tee


Logo is true to size! The name on the back is a nice touch. I will definitely buy again!

District Made Mens Perfect Weight Long Sleeve Tee
District Made Ladies Perfect Tri Long Sleeve Hoodie


I love my hoodie! Love the fit and the style & color are great! Getting a chance to promote “Tap That Ash” is just icing on the cake.

District Made Ladies Perfect Tri Long Sleeve Hoodie

We’re continuing to add items to our catalog, so be sure to circle back and check us out from time to time.


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